Bioplasti Award
Maip's Group wins the prestigious Bioplastics Award 2017 in Berlin. The bioplastic IamNature® created by bacteria wins the first prize The prestigious award is promoted by Bioplastics Magazine and has been announced by its founder and editor, Mr. Michael Thielen during one of the most influential appointments in the world calendar of bioplastics, the European Bioplastics Conference.


IamNature® is a compound made of one or more polymers of BIOS family, all of them strictly coming from renewable sources (bio-polymers).

IamNature®  is biobased.

The basic polymer is a polyhydroxyalkanoate that can be used as it is or blended with other bio-based products such as PLA or with other biodegradable materials such as PBS, PBSA, PBAT, and others.

To these blends, we add mineral fillers, with water-repellent properties or vegetal fibers, natural based colours and all a series of vegetal based additives that are normally used for the cosmetic market. Practically, all chemical synthesis products are completely eliminated

The main basic polymer comes from the fermentation of some bacteria.There are a variety of studies in literature focused on over 50 types of different bacteria.
The bacterium chosen for IamNature® produces a special grade of polyhydroxyalkanoate which has the specific property of biodegrade either in aerobic and in anaerobic conditions. The bacterial culture gets quickly multiplied with appropriate nourishment and this creates macromolecules that bacteria accumulate as a backup carbon source, becoming a sort of ‘inner fat’ of the bacterium.

As a matter of fact, it is degradable like an ultimate natural material: the wood.
Like wood, it can ben used for years and years,but, in some conditions, it starts rotting and degrading,  creating a biologic cycle.

For years, the study in the biopolymer world has been focusing on the shelf life a finished part  and by consequence on the biodegradability of the material.

Today, the research of biopolymers is focusing more and more towards technical solutions  that might combine the renewable source to the durability of the material and to its compostability.

Sustainable material alternatives that can replace the traditional ones,  above all for applications that are more technical and lasting.

IamNature® is born for the production of durable and semi-durable goods.

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    My Puro Black


    ABB, leading Company in the technologies for energy and automation, has developed a project for a series of switch cover frame, showing an advanced design and an evident environment sustainability connotation.
    Prodir kit


    IamNature® has a wonderful soft touch effect. We have been able to easily fill the 36 cavities mould of a pen body with 3 micro pin point gates.