My Puro Black
Reference Marketelectric
Applicationcover frames
End User ABB
Material Iamnature

My Puro Black ABB

ABB, leading Company in the technologies for energy and automation, has developed a project for a series of switch cover frame, showing an advanced design and an evident environment sustainability connotation.

That’s why we decided to look for a bioplastic with particular properties that could replace the thermoplastics that are normally used for this application, such as ABS or PC ABS.

The PHB-based bio-technopolymer IamNature®, available with different formulations with natural additives and reinforcements, stood out for its dimensional stability, high temperature (up to 130°C), light and UV resistance.
It also highlighted its easy colourability and mouldability also with multicavity moulds.
The compound we prepared for ABB is also showing good electrical properties, passing the glow wire test with a temperature of 650°C at 2mm.

The continuous monitoring of the formulations, by means of sophisticated lab devices, together with the direct confrontation with the moulder, has created a winning synergy for the manufacture of the component.
On top of the other properties, the most significant one that gave the most surprising results, is the scratch resistance that we have measured with lab tests and ‘unconventional’ tests such as the nail of a woman.

One single number is enough to explain the entity of the starting challenge: over 150 formulations have been tested before reaching the final one! Here you can find a video dedicated to IamNature®:

The Silver Mylos Etik line has obtained the silver a Design Award in the category of “Sustainable products, projects and ecologic design” and the Good Design Award in the section of “Product Design: Domestic Appliances”.
Maip won the 3D-moulded trophy made by the Dutch colorFabb with a PLA/PHA based compound reinforced with metal fillers, supplied by Witcom Engineering Plastics.