Special visual effects are a key element, together with design, to promote any new product and to revive an old one. Aesthetic effect means to our clients the increase a component’s appeal together with the increase of Brand image, sales, and contribution margins.

The advantages of our series Inchanto are multiple:

– Large choice of the base polymers (beyond 90) and possibility to match aesthetics to physical/mechanical characteristics
– Cost reduction: elimination of expensive operations such as painting and post-treatments.
– Minimum environmental impact: products are completely recyclable and there is no need for secondary treatments.
– Constance of production: chosen effect is ready-for-use
– Constance of aesthetic result: the product is not a master or a predispersed
– Reduction of developing times: our company’s structure can offer the maximum flexibility > Technical assistance during both project planning and production

The Inchanto series, which is daily updated and expanded, includes 25 visual effects which, together with all colours and all materials, can originate thousands of different formulations.



The polymer and its multisensoriality. Plastics from the Vision family aim at stimulating emotions and sensations of the consumer combining design, innovative technologies and typical multifunctional effects.



Metallica is the new frontier of the metal effect that today can be achieved directly with the molding process with no need for painting.



Esthetica gathers a series of special effects, generally easy to reproduce, that do not suffer the junction and flow problems that are typical for example of metallic effects.