Plastic from the future
Maip Group is one of the oldest Italian organizations for the sale of thermoplastic raw materials. It was founded in 1962 by a great intuition of a Piedmont’s entrepreneur who understood the enormous potential of plastic materials. The group has continuously evolved in the years so to adapt and to anticipate the constant changes of this field, always being loyal to the principle that only a dynamic and avant-garde management can result competitive and successful in the fragmented Italian environment.
The Maip Group is the only one in Italy operating in the technical polymer field as it is the fusion of four complementary and synergic activities that exist as a function of the customers to solve their problems:
Distribution/Agency, Compounding/Colouring, Hi-tech/Consulting, Codesign/R&D
We are in a globalization era where the environmental urgency is very important. So the need to expand the range of our products is a growing need duty. That’s why the differentiation of our product range is the first step towards innovation. The concept of plastic is changing and Maip wants to present new products that can give new opportunities for design in order to create a sustainable future for polymers, respecting the environment and the future generations.
Aiming to a strict collaboration with all main operators of the plastic industry (from project to realization) we have identified as fundamentals of our mission the following points:
to propose innovative and avant-garde materials, solutions, and technologies to all our customers to guarantee the right polymer selection with the best performance/price ratio thanks to our deep technical knowledge and to our wide range of products to supply the maximum technical support for the planning of items produced with plastic materials, for the manufacturing of the molds, and for the solving of problems concerned with the production process to instruct all our collaborators so to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of the customer for assistance, ethic, availability, and courtesy to assure the best Quality in terms of products and services.
We address to those designers, inventors, and project planners who have brilliant and innovative ideas but find it difficult to put them into practice, both for the difficulties in finding the manufacturing companies, and for the limited financial resources.
In case our plastic materials know-how can be of value to the ideas or projects, we make ourselves available to intervene and evaluate the feasibility.
If our preliminary examination is positive, and if we see a possibility for the practical realization of the idea or project with concrete selling chances, we will be available to financially intervene so to facilitate its realization.